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    My Story

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor that has been practicing for a few years after a career change led me to pursue a different calling in life. I earned a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University with honors. I also hold a second degree Master’s in Business Administration. I enjoy working with issues related to complex trauma, anxiety, depression and ADHD. In my practice, I see individuals (age 16 and above) and couples.

    Most of us at some point will encounter times that are difficult. Finding the courage to reach out and not face those difficult to even overwhelming /unpredictable times alone is brave. Counseling can help offer a person to walk beside you to see the wisdom inherently within yourSelf. I know the transformation and healing you desire is within every person although sometimes covered up because that was necessary at some time. We just need to reclaim and reconnect your inner Self.

    I inherently believe that when people feel truly seen, heard and witnessed from a curious and compassionate space, healing can begin. I offer an invitation to allow me to guide you to learn to listen to all aspects of your thoughts, feelings, and what is going on inside your body using a more experiential approach that is often different than traditional talk therapy. Experiential therapy is a creative process that can encompass talking, guided imagery, props, colors, or other ways to allow space from all that may be going on inside us. I use Internal Family Systems as the primary modality for both my individual and couples sessions.

    Internal Family Systems is a non-pathologziing, client-led approach that allows me the privilege of guiding people to listen with curiosity that creates space and clarity to what is happening inside of themselves. This process allows client to tap into a whole, undamaged calm, connected, confident, creative and compassionate space inside of all of us which leads to lasting transformations. I would love to be your guide in this journey.

    My Mission

    My mission is to guide you to explore the aspects of yourself that need your attention or care by honoring what your systems needs by listening to the wisdom inside of you. I will do this by creating a safe, confidential, and compassionate space to allow you to explore and create more clarity. calm, confidence, and compassion for yourself in the process.

    My Processs

    My work is rooted in Internal Family Systems for both clients and couples. IFS is a non-pathologizing, client-led way of approaching ourselves that often results in experiencing more calm, clarity, compassion, and courage towards ourselves. While it includes components of talk therapy, it also includes experiential processes that can provide a lot of clarity and space to our internal world. If you are ready for something different that can produce lasting results, I encourage you to give this process a chance.

    Let's Work Together

    It is my privilege to serve as a guide to accomplish your goals from therapy. In doing so, it is my intention to create a safe, confidential and welcoming space for all of you. It has been my experience that when people feel truly heard and seen for all aspects of themselves that true healing and transformation can take place. Come experience a non-pathologizing way of approaching the counseling process.

    About Heather Curry

    Like a drop of water in the river helps it flow and become alive, listening to the various thoughts and feelings inside of you also can begin to develop a relationship with yourSelf. I am a licensed professional counselor that has been practicing my craft for a few years now. I graduated with honors from Walden University after deciding to pursue my passion later in life. I am honored to do what I do in life and would be privileged to work with you. I work with individuals (14 and up) and couples currently.

    Few of us in life escape enduring hardships, difficult transitions, or hurts. My goal is to provide a safe, compassionate and confidential environment that can foster healing and growth for your desires. I love listening to what’s inside of people and how that process can transform and unlock more of their selves. I am passionate about witnessing people understand more about themselves and relieve themselves of the burdens they carry. I can be a guide in your process that often results in feeling clearer, calmer and more confident internally. I know within all people is a pure, peaceful, and calm wisdom that can be reached by anyone.

    I specialize in working with people with complex trauma/PTSD, depression, and anxiety, and ADHD. I know within everyone is a curious, compassionate, and courageous wisdom. Let me be your guide to open yourself to this. I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and certified in Safe Sound Protocol (SSP) using Polyvagel Theory.

    PA License Number – PC013411

    Expiration Date – 2/28/2025

    License – Telehealth License SC (Reciprocal)

    Here is the PA state board website to allow you to verify licensure for any person:

    Applying for Verification/Certification of License

    Telehealth Only License -South Carolina

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