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    Individual IFS Consultation
    ($145 per 53 minutes)

    I am an approved IFS-I Consultant. Consultation hours can count towards certification for IFS after completion of level 1. Case consultation including exploration of your own parts/trailheads in working with clients. Role plays or video review of sessions are also options that can be explored as tools for stuck points with clients. Note that professional parts are personal parts, and professional growth is personal growth, however this is a consultative and not a psychotherapeutic relationship.

    Suitable for therapists/practitioners interested in early explorations of IFS as well as those seeking IFS certification.

    Group IFS Consultation
    $75 Per 90 minute session (4-6 sessions)

    Minimum of 4 therapists up to 6 therapists will share time for IFS case consultation, Q&A, and brief demos of therapist parts exploration. Payment for sessions is required if you cannot attend. As always, being in relationship with your own parts along the way is integral to this work, and we all benefit from the sense of common humanity and collective Self energy available when we come together in this way. This is available for various experience levels. Sessions are 90 minutes each and options available for monthly or bi-weekly.

    Small Group Practice
    $350 per person – 4 practice sessions -3 people

    First practice session is 2 hours. Remaining 3 are 90 minutes.

    This is for triads of therapist to come together and practice IFS skills with a coach available for refinement. Triads will take turns in the role of client/practitioner/observer with time for debrief at the end of each practice session. First session is a bit longer to allow for each participant to rotate through each of the roles and allow time for increased comfort with each other. This work can be vulnerable and allows for deepening and unfolding in the IFS process.